OTC recharge steps process

1. Recharge is divided into legal currency OTC recharge and blockchain wallet chain-to-chain transfer recharge. First, introduce the steps of fiat currency OTC

1. Click on the personal center or click on the asset center, enter to find the recharge.

2. Select the legal currency transaction and click to enter, select the seller advertisement.

3. Select USDT, select the national currency in the upper right corner, select the bank card, click confirm and return.

4. Choose to buy by amount (buy by amount and amount in national currency = equivalent USDT).

5. Select the quantity to buy, which is USDT (Tether) of the same value as the US dollar.

6. Fill in the amount or quantity, select the cooperative merchant, and click OK.

7. Enter the previously registered 6-digit pure digital deposit and withdrawal password.

8. You will see a 30-minute countdown in the upper right corner. If the time is exceeded, the order will be invalid or void, and you need to complete the payment within the time.

9. Click the merchant's bank card or wallet below to copy it to the bank APP and paste the account name to transfer.

10. After the payment is successful, save the screenshot and click the "I have completed the transfer button" below.

11. After clicking Finish, wait for the funds to arrive in the account, usually 3-5 minutes. Recharge steps completed

All major exchanges can be recharged, and the transfer and recharge steps of (European) chain and chain are shown

1. Click to open the browser

2. Enter www.okx.com

3.and go to the registration page of Ouyi.

4. Click to select the registration method, select the email or mobile phone number to register.

5. After successful registration by email or mobile phone, log in directly

6. After successful login, click Personal Center to enter

7. Click on the identity authentication to enter and wait for the review after the verification is successful, usually about 30 minutes.

8. After the certification is completed, return to the home page and click Assets Center.

9. Click to recharge to enter

10. Click the local currency recharge above

11. Click on the quick transaction or the optional transaction p2p to enter

12. Click on the currency of the country in the upper right corner to enter the selection,

13. Select Tether (USDT), and enter the amount of the recharge country currency below.

14. Select the payment method, bank card or international credit card, and click OK to purchase.

15. After the payment is successful, save the screenshot to the mobile phone album, and wait for the funds to arrive in the account.

16. After the funds arrive in the account, click on withdraw.

17. Select USDT withdrawal and click on-chain withdrawal.

18. Open the voaex platform and log in to open the recharge channel.

19. Click on the USDT deposit channel and copy the chain address.

20. Select USDT-trc20 channel

21. Paste the voaex deposit chain address to the okx withdrawal address, fill in the quantity, and click submit.

22. After the submission is successful, save the screenshot and return to the voaex recharge channel.

23. voaex recharge channel, enter the corresponding amount of USDT to be withdrawn, and select the trc20 channel.

24. Upload a screenshot of the successful submission of OKX withdrawal, click OK, and wait for the funds to be transferred to the voaex account.