Mobile browser registration process

1. Click to open the mobile browser

2. Enter the URL, and click Search.

3. Find the page and click to enter.

4. Click the registration in the upper right corner to enter the page

5. Entering the registration interface will display, 4 space options.

6. Select the first space for the account to be set to 6-24 characters and fill in, and the second space to set the login password of 6-12 characters

7. The third space selects the 6-digit deposit and withdrawal password for your funds,

8. The last item is the 7-digit recommendation code for your superior, and finally click OK.

9. After the four settings are completed, they need to be recorded or saved in the mobile phone, which is convenient for logging in and using in the future.

10. Swipe right to verify and the verification is successful.

11. Enter the registration success page, the first one is to download the voaex exchange APP,

12. The second page is to continue the real-name authentication page.

Try to choose the second one to continue real-name authentication.

 13. After entering the login page, it will be displayed in the personal account center

14. Click on identity authentication to enter, and primary authentication and advanced authentication will appear.

15. Select primary certification and click in, there will be 4 certification items.

16. The first one is the nationality of your country. The second is your name, and the third is your ID number and ID.

The fourth item is to upload the front photo of the ID card, the back photo of the ID card, and the front photo of holding the ID card.

Complete these four items and click Finish to confirm and wait for review.